Lost Forever is an exhibition of visual and performing art that responds directly to the space. Lost Forever is a culmination of ideas and artists who found common ground within the walls of Gallery 223.

The intention is to create an immersive and engaging experience using the space itself to enable this. A world of: artworks chanced upon in dark nooks; installations, visuals and sounds that are seemingly part of the fabric of the building; physical happenings that work in real-time, seemingly colourful, fun illustrations layered with social commentary. All the works are unified by their un-said and often hidden dark, gritty, all-consuming messages.

Lost Forever will be the first time this group of artists have shown together, held at London’s best-kept secret, the impressive and intriguing Gallery223, London. Working in partnership with curator Alex Wood, the space itself answered the calling of the exhibition organisers Damien Gallagher and Sejal Parekh who were specifically seeking out a space that was the antithesis of the traditional white-walled art gallery and would inspire them and the other artists to respond in their varying formats.

Artists and performers include, Damien Gallagher, Aimee Willsher, Sejal Parekh, Jesse Richards, Phil Wilson, David Wood, Olivia Edginton and Moi Tran.

Curated by

Damien Gallagher and Sejal Parekh in collaboration with Alex Wood of Gallery 223