Damien Gallagher

Damien Gallagher (born London 1975) is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in London. Damien studied sculpture at Winchester School of Art but has, more recently, reverted to his love of photography in his work capturing images of interesting Londoners using a trusty old Pentax 35mm film camera. He has also branched into experimenting with performance-based work and forms one part of the riotous duo IDIOT who perform at various venues in South London.

Damien has created entirely new artworks for FOREVER LOST, many of them the culmination of ideas he has had for over ten years.

Image of Aimee Obscured by Damien Gallagher

Sejal Parekh

Sejal Parekh (born 1979) is a London based artist and graduate of Winchester School of Art. Her work is based in sculpture, taking the forms of site specific installations, video and collage. Sejal uses environmental, spatial patterns to explore beauty, within the monotony of the everyday. Her sculptural objects attempt to convey a physical sense of something seen or experienced, rather than representing it.

Sejal is creating site specific works for this exhibition.

Aimee Willsher

Aimee Willsher (born 1982) is an artist and illustrator living and working in London. She studied History of Art at the Univeristy of Cambridge and has been working as an independent artist for the past 4 years. She works mainly in oils to create large scale intricately detailed paintings of natural pattern formations created by feathers, fur and skin. This concentration upon the detail of something which is normally seen and taken in by the eye from a distance and regarded with less concentration forces the viewer to see the ordinary in an extraordinary way. Aimee has exhibited for the last three years at the Mall Galleries with the SWA and was awarded Young Artist of the Year in 2012. She has also had paintings shown in Vyner Street at the Show Your Face exhibition and Dazed and Refused. She worked in the studio of Damien Hirst for 2 years and has illustrated and written three drawing instruction books.

Jesse Richards

Jesse Richards is an illustrator based in London. His work is based on observations of his immediate surroundings filtered through humour and cynicism.

Jesse Richards illustration Jesse Richards illustration Jesse Richards illustration

David Wood

Born 1978

Kent lnstitiute of Art and Design (1996-1998)
Winchester School of Art (1998 - 2001)

Image of Head by David Wood Image of Head by David Wood

Phil Wilson

Phil Wilson is as a professional freelance photographer and has been living and working in London since 2002.

Studied Winchester School of Art 1995-1998

Olivia Edginton

Dance artist Olivia Edginton originally from Manchester moved to London in 2012 to study dance at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. Her solo work atlas was selected for the Laban Degree Show in June 2015. She is a member of Clasj Collective a dance/movement quartet with performers from Italy, Norway and the UK. Olivia has worked with dance makers such as Matthias Sperling, Anna Williams, Kate Johnson, Sonia Rafferty and Alison Curtis-Jones. In September 2015 she will be joining Transitions Dance Company, creating new work with Theo Clinkard, Dog Kennel Hill Project and Ederson Rodriguez Xavier. Olivia’s continued interest lies in seeing herself in photographed image; the disassociation of being a spectator to the organisation of a body to which she has an infinite expanse of detailed intelligence. This live installation marks the start of a lifetime of exploration and interest in skeletal orchestration, a collection that will in turn cultivate her art, as she continues the voyage of artist as collector.

Imae of Olivia Edginton performing Atlas Imae of Olivia Edginton performing Atlas Imae of Olivia Edginton performing Atlas

Moi Tran

Moi Tran is a Visual Artist and Creative Designer working in a variety of Multi Disciplinary productions, including Theatre, Opera, Film, Animation and Site Specific Installation.

She has created an installation performance exploring the spatiality of breath, cellular forms and permeability. Engaging the shifting contours of the performer, her materiality and navigation of the environment, the work will inhabit the arches and passageways of the gallery, excavating fragments of another world with a non verbal, non linear language and presence. Over several segments, this form will fleetingly generate it's inner world, underscored by a responsive vocal composition.

The Vertical series was initiated by visual artist and designer Moi Tran and movement artist Alexandra Baybutt, with theatre maker Ria Samartzi.

Image of Genus classification by altitude of occurrence. Vertical 4: LMS2015

Jim the Moonshark

Jim the Moonshark writes bedtime stories for bad children, delivers twisted bursts of feral outrage and likes calling George Osborne a cunt.

Right now, he's probably squatting in a gutter giving a tramp a nasty surprise, flicking the Vs at Iain Duncan Smith and wearing a silly hat.

He's your dirty conscience after you've been up all night on Tenants Super and cheap speed, mixed with the guilty, outraged id of a secret Tory voter and stuck in the body of a misanthropic middle aged, overweight white guy with an overly abundant vocabulary and a childish need to shock.

Prepare yourself at themoonshark.com

Jim the Moonshark will be performing during the evening of the Private View as well as on-stage at LIVE on Saturday 18th July 2015 at Gallery 223.

Richad Watkins

Richard Watkins is is a poet whose words you will remember - one of those who has been in and around London's poetry/spoken word scene for a while but can still surprise you. His collection Most Things Move is well worth a look and he has some fascinating collaborative art projects of his own over at richwatkins.com

Delta Lima

I am a man discovered by art and taught by life! Words are my ammo and my mouth is the gun!

Delta Lima performing

Ross Connell

Ross Connell is an acoustic singer-songwriter, born and bred in Brixton. After years playing in various bands, he decided to put some of that experience to use and start writing his own songs.

Drawing as much influence from punk and metal as from folk and country, Ross writes fast, energetic musical essays about love, loss and growing up in the great city.

Ross is currently working on the release of his first album.

Ross Connell performing

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